Wallberg Philosophy

WALLBERG Properties means excellence in living development and innovation.

With more than 15 years of experience in residential developments on the premium market segment, we have a well-defined business philosophy, the people’s expectations and aspirations representing our main source of inspiration.

Our teams of experts transpose through professionalism, technology and innovation, this source of inspiration in unique architectural concepts and living concepts that are concretized in projects perfectly adapted to area and environment. The projects developed by WALLBERG bring added value to the company clients, thereby contributing to the people’s enriching life both in human terms by living comfort and materially by increasing the value they have in the Wallberg products. Our history has shown that always and regardless of period, the Wallberg products are worth today more than yesterday.

 Wallberg Values


In addition to the outstanding quality of the construction, each Wallberg project is a unique concept, both architecturally and in living concept terms.


We don’t build simple apartment buildings. We are building true living concepts. In this way we define the excellence at Wallberg Properties: Excellence in building and living quality.



We innovate through living concepts. A Wallberg project is an innovative concept both in terms of design, architecture, and construction and in terms of project interaction with the people.

In this way, there are developing the innovative spaces that offer comfort and quality to Wallberg clients. Excellence means to make things in an unusual way, which improves people’s lives.



We create added value for our clients through the building quality and the architectural and living concepts. Our clients are always our partners.

The value that a customer is experiencing both at the level of comfort day by day if he lives in one of our projects and at financial level (in case of investments or resale).

History has shown that the Wallberg projects have always brought added value for our clients.


One of the Wallberg basic principles is the activity operation in an ethical way. Everything we make goes by moral values, which ensure correctness, respect for customers, partners, employees and shareholders.


The work environment is an environment where the people are partners and the transparency and honesty underline these partnership relations. We like to say that all our projects are built for customer and together with our customers.



We create value for the company by creating value for the client. In this way, the client becomes our partner. This is another basic principle of Wallberg philosophy.

Furthermore, Wallberg projects are designed in such a way as to increase the value of the region where they are built, to respect the environment and to be true markers for the community prosperity.