Over 15 years of Service excellence

In 2004, our group of companies has managed the development of the first real estate project on the Arad market, built and sold in full by November 2006, a project that has set the residential developments in Arad.

In 2009, followed one by another three large-scale real estate projects in Arad: Bermo ResidenceBermo Orizont and Bermo Ambient, projects that have brought our customers the satisfaction of a modern home, a new apartment that offers them the living quality they want, the satisfaction of a safe investment and the satisfaction of an honest business partner, who thinks in the long run.

2010 was the year of extension in Cluj Napoca, when we took over the majority stake by Bermo Group companies and Imo management from the CRE Cluj native developer that has developed luxury residential projects as Dora Park and Bella Park. At present, after the completion of the luxury districts, we have accomplished the exit from this company by disposing the share package in full.

Under the same guidelines, by the taking-over the majority stake from BREDI. S.A., in 2010 we entered the Brasov real estate market with the residential project Alphaville I Brasov, a project that met great success in Brasov (sold in full), being a true landmark in the centre of the city.

It is worth mentioned that we were the only developer, which in that period of profound crisis, we’ve been able to finance and to start off such a large-scale project in Brasov.

This was possible thanks to the confidence granted by our partner Banca Transilvania, with whom we started together the residential project from Arad in 2004.

By investments worth over 40 million euros, the group companies have completed about 100,000 square meters in premium living units with an annual turnover of more than 7 million euros in the three cities in Romania.

Since 2015, the investment continuation has been carried out under a new name, Wallberg Properties, the company that carries on the tradition of a real estate concept based on unique projects, to the height customers’ expectations.

At the end of 2017, we are going to launch the construction of the Arad Plaza project, a unique concept in Arad that will become a symbol of this city. Also, at the end of this year, the construction of the Sunnyville Residence project will be completed in Brasov, a residential project built in an excellent location with multiple facilities. Wallberg is going to launch the second Sunnyville project. Sunnyville Garden is the next residential project and the next symbol of Brasov.

With a past where promises have been kept, Wallberg Properties is thinking about the future and develops the great new projects of the future.