AXA1 & AXA2 ARAD (completed and sold)

AXA1 & AXA2 ARAD (completed and sold)


The residential villas assembly AXA1 is a unique concept, being the first project developed by Bermo Group and at the same time, the first project in Arad completed by a real estate developer after 1990. It has been sold in full by November 2006. The project AXA2 had the same success, all villas being sold in less than nine months. The public confidence in BERMO quality and brand has been decisive for the clients’ buying decision.


Arad AXA started the residential developments in Arad. Nowadays, AXA district is considered one of the premium residential markers from Arad. After the success of the first project, called AXA, followed the second phase of the project, another residential district, called AXA2. These two premium locations offer you comfort and at the same time, they have development potential.


Located on land plots of approximately 330 square meters, the villas have areas built between 180 and 220 square meters, providing a high degree of comfort, an enviable privacy, and safety is ensured by a video-surveillance system perimeter and controlled access in the private residential assembly. The 18 villas from AXA1 confirmed our clients’ expectations and they made us continue with AXA2, a “twin” residential assembly.  The two completed projects were sold in full during the period of January 2005 to October 2007, in total 36 villas and they have been shown to be full of Bermo Group seriousness and dynamism, a developer that moved the people from Arad into a new home.