ALPHAVILLE I BRASOV (completed and sold)

ALPHAVILLE I BRASOV (completed and sold)


Alphaville I is a unique architectural concept in Brasov, with new, comfortable and spacious apartments that are full of energy. The project has been thought as a new and modern concept that focuses on the idea of “fresh and style”, the target audience being made of “aspirational young professionals” from the medium-high class segment .


Alphaville I Brasov is located in Racadau district, no. 44, Carpatilor Street, close by Tampa mountain, thus providing an excellent panorama of the southern versant towards Piatra Mare and Dealul Melcilor. The residential assembly is provided with an airy location and it offers both the quiet and grandness of the mountains and the urban facilities you need: kindergarten, school, supermarket and you need only 5 minutes by car to get to the commercial area that is at the exit to Bucuresti.



Alphaville I Brasov is the first residential project developed in Brasov, an over 8.3 million euros investment.

Alphaville I Brasov comprises a group of buildings with premium apartments, from P+4 P+11, built with quality materials, being thought in such a way as to offer the clients from Brasov security, freedom and the comfort of Bermo apartments, wherewith the inhabitants of Arad are by now familiar.

The complex of new apartments is equipped with modern and silent lifts which make the link between each floor and the basement or 1st floor parking lots. You can choose a parking lot for your car and you can store the bulky things in a lodge. You can get it from the basement.

The access is secured. We know how important it is to be independent talking of your budget, thus each apartment is equipped with new central heating system which provides heating and domestic hot water.

A very good location, a great architecture and the amenities offered to residents, all of these represent the conditions of a premium standard of living.


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